Finding Grace in Everyday Life

Several years ago, I was on the way to the office with a full day of meetings and a grant application deadline ahead of me. My habit was to drive through the local coffee shop and purchase the usual for our Administrative Assistant and for me. On this day, the line was longer than expected, but there was no way to exit until I purchased my morning beverage of “salvation”.

I drove to the window and the young lady had my “usual orders” ready, as always. As I handed her my payment, she said, “Oh no, Ma’am, the person ahead of you already paid for you.” “Really? I don’t know that person.” The young lady said, “Yes, sometimes things happen that make us smile.” My commitment has been to do the same for others when possible.

“Paying it forward” is a concept that promotes thoughtfulness, kindness, and a means of grace. That morning I gave thanks for a kindness that I could never thank the person him/herself for doing. I can, however, continue to show that kindness for and to others whenever possible.

Find the means of grace in your life, now matter how small those things may seem. God provides these gifts in ways we don’t always expect.

Rev. Mary Newbern-Williams

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