“Give Praise and Thanksgiving”

First United Presbyterian Church
Give Praise and Thanksgiving

Our Bible Study group continues work in the Book of Isaiah. Words of comfort and hope penetrate our hearts even as we learn about consequences of disobedience and faithlessness of God’s people. Isaiah reminded the people that God would judge their actions and behavior. God would also be with them throughout all of life’s twists and turns. God’s faithfulness and love would continue, even as the people experienced the consequences of their behavior.

Consider the events of our world today–racial strife and continued discrimination, thirst for power and absolute control, political malfeasance, and self-indulgence. It may seem like God is absent or has retreated from the world. However, Isaiah’s words always remind us of God’s presence and God’s love. Throughout times of chaos and conflict, God is present. Isaiah expresses that assurance throughout Chapters 6, 9, 11, 12, 40, 43, and others.

As we read and review Scriptures, particularly Isaiah, let us give praise and thanksgiving for a Lord who loves all of humanity and who never abandons us even in times of chaos.

Rev. Mary Newbern-Williams

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