“Honoring our Ancestors”

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, we discussed the importance of tracing and researching our ancestry and knowing who our ancestors were. What began as a brief update on our ongoing research became an hour-long conversation that uncovered much about family life, heritage, traditions, and culture. We committed to talking at least once every two weeks to encourage each other and to uncover new resources. Part of the conversation included the genealogy about Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew and other genealogical references from the Old Testament. There is much to share and compare with family and friends as we continue genealogical studies. In many instances, people discover similar family practices and traditions. The importance of researching family history is close to our hearts. It reflects the importance of family lineage and customs that are written in Scripture, particularly in the ancestral heritage of Jesus Christ. Knowing who our ancestors are helps us to know how they lived, what was important to them, what they handed down in photos, writings, stories, clothing, comforters, furniture, and other treasured items. This knowledge also helps us to know who WE are and how WE pass on our rich heritage in life. Ultimately, we are God’s children, created in God’s image, and loved for who we are in Christ Jesus. HOW we live and HOW we care for creation reflect who we truly are and who we WANT to be. Our ancestors survived the Middle Passage, experienced their ancestral land being stolen from them, escaped persecution, and worked hard to accomplish for their descendants. Honoring ancestors and learning from them is quite Biblical and quite honorable. Honoring our ancestors also honors God for creating them and us. “Love who you are and where you have come from; it will reveal who you want to be.”


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