Mary Newbern-Williams is the Covenant Pastor for our congregation. She is Honorably Retired with the PCUSA and an experienced church executive and pastor. She was ordained in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (“PCUSA”) and has served throughout the United States and abroad on each council of the PCUSA; namely, executive presbyter, associate executive presbyter, pastor, and chaplain. Also, she has led short-term mission special mission delegations abroad for presbyteries. Her service in various positions has taken her and her family to Southern California, Louisville, KY, Birmingham, AL, Virginia Beach, VA, St. Louis, MO, Springfield, MO, and Omaha, NE. She has been serving First United as Covenant Pastor since September 2021.

Mary’s volunteer and elected leadership for the PCUSA has included: Delegate and Women’s Pre-Conference Leader and Bible Study Facilitator for the PCUSA in Accra, Ghana for the WARC (now WCRC) 24th General Assembly; Commissioner to General Assembly for the PCUSA; Delegation leader to the Democratic Republic of Congo; Mission Research team to the Democratic Republic of Congo; mission education participant to Kenya and Ghana; leader/participant to Guyana for the WARC (now WCRC) planning project; mission participant with a delegation and preacher in Nicaragua; Continuing Education participant in the Jordan, Switzerland, and France. She has chaired committees for General Assembly, Synod, Presbytery, and Community Organizations around the nation.

            Mary is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace University in Ohio and Princeton Theological Seminary, where she completed the M.A. in Christian Education and the M. Div. in Theology and Pastoral Care. She has taken courses toward a D. Min. in Urban Ministry. She was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from a PCUSA college when she served the National Office in Higher Education for the Presbyterian Church. Mary has always been active and deeply involved in community organizations and activities wherever she has served.

            Her commitment to ecumenical, interreligious, and international activities has resulted in presbytery partnerships with international partners (Democratic Republic of Congo), funding for special programs, and opportunities for new and emerging leadership. She serves and has served on boards and committees, which support and promote justice, education, leadership, and youth ministry; in addition, she has provided service and time for programs and ministries that service abused women and children.

            Mary is (lovingly called “Rev. Mary or Dr. Mary” by many, and she is the mother of three adult children, two sons and one daughter. She comments with pride that the family now resides within twenty minutes of each other in the same city, Virginia Beach, Virginia.



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