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Week #1: Loving Life in a Small Church

Dear First United Presbyterian Church Family and Friends,

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ! May this first blog find each of you well and enjoying the late Spring/early Summer sunshine and humidity that we are known for in Virginia. God bless you all!!

We are excited to launch the new website and to share the news, the happenings, and the worship of First United Presbyterian Church of Richmond. We give thanks to Elizabeth Brown, Donna Powell, and Milton Steppe for their expertise and willingness to keep First United moving forward in progress and in faith. God bless all who have taken any part in the development of the new website. We appreciate your ideas and your thoughtfulness.

What makes a small church so important in these days of mega church frenzy? Small churches are known to develop strong leaders from those who live and worship in them. There is easy and immediate access to leaders and pastors. People know each other well and for extended periods of time.

Young children and youth are important, (not that they are not in large congregations) and in sincere efforts to teach and model Christ-like living, small church leaders impart to children and youth the crucial fundamentals of church life. In small congregations, by the age of sixteen, youth serve as ushers, deacons, elders, and have regular opportunities to serve as liturgists. With fewer people in small congregations, the training is more concentrated, leaders know the members and those in the community well, and they engage with each other on an in-depth level.

First United is one of those congregations. It is small, open to innovative ideas and methods, welcoming to everyone who comes, and the people know each other very well. As a new pastor, it is a joy to work with such an intimate, thoughtful, and loving congregation. Small but mighty is one term for First United of Richmond. Moving into the future is another. Check out the weekly blog.

Rev. Mary

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